Practice & Profile

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Andrew Zientek       Beauty / Stewardship / Craft

We are landscape architects, gardeners, and craftspeople. We believe that successful design is rooted in close contact with the land and evolves over time. We believe every project is part of larger systems, both cultural and ecological.

Founded in 2011, our work spans in scale from held object to inhabitable place and oscillates between art, science, and landscape. The design practice is lead by Andrew Zientek (Bio) who is committed to working in collaboration with owners, builders, and thought leaders across disciplines to create meaningful projects that enrich human experience and regenerate resilient natural systems.


  • We engage in meaningful collaboration with our clients.
  • We celebrate and create beauty. Pleasure is important.
  • We are committed to stewardship in cooperation with nature.
  • We grow design and curate growth. Let nature do work.
  • We are curious about and question everything.
  • We listen to the site. Trees and birds know things we don't.
  • We believe in slow design and small projects over time.
  • We choose action. Building a better world recquires action, even small ones.
  • We creatively use and respond to change over time. A landscape is change.
  • We design patterns and systems together. Zoom in / Zoom out.
  • We value diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • We are nature and should act like it.