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A Riot of Objects

VIBRO-ACOUSTIC ENTRAINMENT(Research Self-Experiment), 2015

MAX/MSP Software, EKG Heart-Rate Monitor, Speakers

Developed in conversation with Prof. Sanford Kwinter and Dr. Lipika Cleaveland.
The mind, body, and environment form an inseparable and recursive entity. This project was an experiment to test the entrainment potential of the human heart as influenced by vibro-acousitc stimulation with the hypothesis that our heart rate will follow and entrain with an external stimulus allowing for non-invasive stress reduction and otherwise altered states of experience. The experiment was conducted over the course of three weeks with twealve recorded trials along with other shorter unrecorded trials.  Preliminary results based on solely this self-experimentation show a strong correlation and following tenancy between sonic stimulation and heart rate.  While there were moments of mechanical entrainment between the two rhythms, it seems that heart rate is too strongly variable to remain entrained.