Mangrove West Coast

Mangrove West Coast - Residential

Mangrove West Coast is situated in south Shenzhen and consists of three residential buildings with 1300+ luxury uints situated around a recreational lagoon. The buildings are strategically positioned as specific angles that maximize views of the bay to the south and the golf course to the west. The entire landscape is on deck over parking. The upper deck is punctured to allow for light, air and vegetation to spill down into the parking structure. The planting concept is of thematic zones, corresponding to the three towers. These zones are choreographed to create strong flower blooms and color compositions through the year.

Landscape Design Firm: EDAW (now AECOM). EDAW Principal: David Jung
Role: Andrew Zientek was lead designer and Project Manager from Schematic through end of contract.
Client: SinoLink
Architect: Arquitectonica
Note: Photos by Andrew Zientek in 2007, prior to finished site construction.